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13 key links to understand RC Forward

We recently launched a welcome email with 10 key RC Forward links, so that newsletter subscribers (sign up here!) have an easier time getting up to speed on how and why to use our donation platform to support high-impact charities globally.

Here’s an expanded and categorized list of 13 key resources, with the aim of helping you make your effective giving easier.

Get acquainted with us

  • Want to read past editions of our newsletter? Check out the archives.

Effectively use our platform

  • Want to browse the 30+ high-impact funds and charities you can support through RC Forward? View them all in one place on our Donate page.
  • Have a question about tax receipts, CRA information, fees, or more ways to give? Our Frequently Asked Questions page probably answers them, check it out! 

Explore cost effectiveness

  • Want to go deep into the cost-effectiveness of RC Forward itself? We have two cost-effectiveness analyses published on the EA Forum: using 2019 data, using 2018 data

Guide your giving with expert advice

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Megan Jamer

Megan Jamer

Megan lives in British Columbia and communicates for Rethink Charity's projects, including RC Forward. She likes trail running more than she dislikes it, and is interested in travel, copyediting, and effective altruism.

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