ACE Three Main Programs

To achieve our mission of finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals, ACE pursues three main programs: Research, Education & Outreach, and Fundraising.

Research: To date, ACE has considered hundreds of international animal charities and currently recommends 4 Top Charities and 8 Standout Charities to donors. In 2016, we launched an Animal Advocacy Research Fund and have awarded several hundred thousand dollars in grants for studies that will inform animal advocates. We host research symposiums and workshops to unite advocates with academics, and we have created a data repository for research related to effective animal advocacy. In addition, we have published articles about foundational research questions, completed several intervention reports, and interviewed leaders and experts in animal advocacy.

Education & Outreach: Through targeted online advertising, we have directed hundreds of thousands of people to our website to learn about how they can help the greatest number of animals. We produce educational videos aimed at explaining the concepts of effective animal advocacy to a broad audience. Our annual Guide to Effective Giving educates donors and conference attendees about easy ways to help animals. We also support those who work in the animal advocacy movement by publishing advice, including survey guidelines and advice on how to run a successful HR department. Our research and findings have been featured in Huffington Post, Slate, The Guardian, Financial Times, and TIME.

Fundraising: In 2018 for every $1 that ACE spent on our programs, we influenced over $7 in donations to our recommended charities and Effective Animal Advocacy Fund. In total, since 2014 we have influenced more than $17 million in donations to a variety of impactful charities working around the globe to reduce animal suffering.