Who We Are

To achieve ACE’s mission of finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals, we pursue three main programs: Research & Evaluation, Education & Outreach, and Fundraising & Grantmaking.

Research & Evaluation: ACE evaluates international animal charities in order to determine their effectiveness at reducing animal suffering. Currently, we recommend four Top Charities and five Standout Charities to donors. Our comprehensive evaluations process provides an in-depth look at each charity’s programs, track record, strategy, leadership, and culture. Outside of our annual charity evaluation activities, we maintain a robust research program devoted to resolving uncertainties relevant to our work and to the animal advocacy movement as a whole.

Education & Outreach: Through online and offline efforts, ACE educates people on how they can help the greatest number of animals. We produce informational videos aimed at explaining the concepts of effective animal advocacy to a broad audience. Our annual Guide to Effective Giving educates donors and advocates about where to invest their resources in order to help the most animals. Our international team speaks at conferences around the globe to share our work and reach more people interested in reducing animal suffering. We also support those working in the animal advocacy movement by publishing guidance, interviewing leaders and experts, and sharing advice on successful nonprofit practices and operations in order to increase effectiveness.

Fundraising & Grantmaking: Since 2014, ACE has influenced more than $26 million in donations within the animal advocacy movement. We offer convenient giving opportunities, such as our Recommended Charity Fund and Effective Animal Advocacy Fund, for donors to support effective charities and promising grant recipients working to reduce animal suffering around the globe. In 2019, for every $1 that ACE spent on our programs, we influenced over $8 in donations within the movement. We are also committed to supporting quality research and have awarded 38 research grants through our Animal Advocacy Research Fund since 2016.