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The Good Food Institute (GFI) is dedicated to creating a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply. By working with scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, GFI is developing ideas to tackle poverty, climate change and animal welfare through the promotion of plant-based and clean meat, dairy, and eggs. 

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The mission of The Good Food Institute is to create a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply. GFI was born out of the Effective Altruism movement and is laser-focused on achieving maximum possible impact for animals, the environment, sustainability, and global health. 

Achieving transformational and permanent change in the global food system will require creating and promoting choices for consumers that outcompete industrially-produced meat, dairy, and eggs on the basis of price, taste, and convenience. 

GFI focuses on accelerating the market expansion of affordable and appetizing plant-based and clean alternatives. No other nonprofit is harnessing market forces and food technology to transform animal agriculture. 

GFI is achieving this through: 

  • Collaborating with top universities for entrepreneurship, synthetic and plant biology, and tissue engineering to create private and public sector activity focused on advancing plant-based and clean products. 
  • Working with leading-edge plant-based and clean foods startups on communications, regulatory work, business plans, and all aspects of their success to mobilize markets and food technology toward maximum transformation away from animal-based products. 
  • Creating collaborative relationships with restaurants, grocery stores, food processing, and foodservice companies to maximize the quality, quantity, and promotion of plant-based alternatives to animal products. 
  • Educating large grant-making institutions, corporations, and governments about the value of R&D in this field as a critical component in addressing sustainability, climate change, and global hunger. 

GFI is committed to ensuring that the organization is among the world’s most cost-effective non-profit organizations. GFI strives to ensure that all donor dollars are focused on creating the most possible good for animals, the environment, and global health. 

GFI earned Top Charity recognition from Animal Charity Evaluators.