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Paying it Forward: Q3 2019

Quarter 3 has been an exciting time for RC Forward. We raised over $100,000.00 for high-impact charities and hit $5 Million dollars in gross donations since the launch of our platform in 2017. 

RC Funds are a great way for donors to give to their chosen cause areas and ensure that their donation will go to the highest-impact intervention each quarter. Recipients of our Fund distributions are chosen quarterly by independent evaluators. 

Global Health Fund

The Global Health Fund disburses grants to high-impact charities working to battle disease in low-income countries. Each fiscal quarter, we review the total amount raised for this fund with GiveWell advisors to determine where the grants can be most effectively utilized. 

In 2019, our first quarter moved $69,182.81 CAD to Malaria Consortium. Quarters two and three were both directed to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), cumulatively totaling over $322,662.46 CAD. 

Here is an update from Rob Mather, Executive Director of AMF, in regards to the Quarter 2 grant: 

Thank you for this wonderful news.

We never take these donations for granted and it remains thrilling to receive a grant of this magnitude. We will use 100% to fund nets that will likely be distributed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the two countries in the world most affected by malaria. Assuming CAD2.60 per net, this grant will allow us to fund 118,000 long-lasting insecticidal nets that will protect 215,000 people when they sleep at night. These nets can be expected to save the lives of ~150 people (the best estimate of the cost per life for the DRC is close to $1,500) and avert between 75,000 and 150,000 cases of malaria. This donation comes at a very good time, as we have significant requests for nets above the funding we have available.

Please pass on my thanks to all at Rethink Charity.
Warm regards,

Human Empowerment Fund

The Human Empowerment Fund supports charities that educate and empower the extreme poor. Grant distributions from the Human Empowerment Fund are based off of GiveWell recommendations. 

In quarter 1 we moved $21,107.25 CAD to GiveDirectly. 

In quarter 2 $8,877.25 was split among GiveDirectly ($4,438.63), Development Media International ($2,219.31) and StrongMinds ($2,219.31). 

Quarter 3 saw $8,262.25 CAD moved to Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative. 

Animal Welfare Fund 

The Animal Welfare Fund supports charities devoted to fighting factory farming, based on the evaluations of Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE). ACE has recommended that each quarter the fund should be split evenly among their top 4 standout charities: Animal Equality International, The Humane League, Good Food Institute and Albert Schweitzer Foundation. So far this year we have distributed $66,950.00 CAD from this fund to the above charities. This was broken down as $19,560,00 CAD in quarter 1, $40,845.00 CAD in quarter 2, and $6,545 in Quarter 3. 

Individual Charities 

Below you can find a chart outlining the totals raised for each of our partner charities in 2019. Please note that these totals include the distribution amounts made from RC Funds. 

CharityGross Total – Quarter 3Gross Total –  2019 YTDGross Credit Card Fees (YTD)Net Total (YTD)
Malaria Consortium$2,000.00$71,212.81$136.12$71,076.69
Animal Equality International$1,786.25$17,247.50$103.13$17,144.37
Good Food Institute$1,761.25$17,197.50$102.60$17,094.90
Humane League$7,931.25$24,597.50$126.32$24,471.18
Albert Schweitzer Foundation$1,636.25$16,737.50$92.75$16,644.75
Animal Charity Evaluators$30.00$1,570.00$1.37$1,568.63
Against Malaria Foundation$27,222.67$350,773.96$1,176.10$349,597.86
Clean Air Task Force$1,556.20$3,695.00$26.06$3,668.94
Centre for Effective Altruism$1,219.23$5,807.37$13.99$5,793.38
Centre for Applied Rationality$0.00$25.00$0.70$24.30
Coalition for Rainforest Nations$4,378.80$6,525.60$155.84$6,369.76
Cool Earth$1,287.25$7,115.76$115.17$7,000.59
Development Media International$257.50$4,044.81$63.40$3,981.41
END Fund$20.00$20.00$0.56$19.44
Evidence Action$11,672.25$17,941.85$416.64$17,525.21
GiveWell – Ops$150.000$7,270.00$18.93$7,251.07
Iodine Global Network$0.00$250.00$0.00$250.00
Innovations for Poverty Action$430.00$660.00$6.99$653.01
Living Goods$5,345.00$10,700.00$296.12$10,403.88
Machine Intelligence Research Institute$900.00$1,992.81$54.65$1,938.16
Project Healthy Children$860.00$1,488.00$40.03$1,447.97
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative$1,835.50$9,433.50$139.37$9,294.13
Grand Total$105,560.40$693,784.35$4,638.50$689,145857

Fee Total – 2019 

RC Forward does not charge any administration fees on donations. However, we are subjected to a cross-border fee for donations made to our US partners and credit card fees (where applicable – see above). To-date we have spent $8,888.37 CAD on cross-border fees. You can help us cover these expenses by donating to RC Forward Operations here, or by emailing [email protected]

Improvements to RC Forward 

This quarter we launched a new website thanks to RED Academy Vancouver. RED Academy partners with local non-profits to develop websites free of charge as a project from web design students. We are incredibly grateful to have been selected for both design by their UX/UI team and website deployment by their development team. 

Moving forward, we will be working on a marketing strategy in collaboration with EA Toronto to target more Canadians interested in effective giving, and scaling up our fundraising efforts for Giving Season 2019. 

Contact Us

If you would like to provide any feedback or suggestions about our program, we would love to hear it! You can submit anonymous feedback here, or email us directly at [email protected]

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Siobhan Brenton

Siobhan Brenton

Siobhan Brenton is the Project Manager for RC Forward and Operations Manager for Rethink Charity. Previously, she helped coordinate EA meetups in Sydney and worked as the communications officer for Effective Altruism Australia. In 2014 Siobhan earned a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Memorial University of Newfoundland and went on to get a Masters of International Public Health from the University of New South Wales.

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