There's just a few days left to donate effectively and receive a receipt for 2022! View giving deadlines by payment method, and give today.

There’s still time to donate and receive a receipt for 2022, give today

Many of us take action on our annual giving goals in December. This month is a busy and very inspiring time for our team, as we see your support roll in for RC Forward’s high-impact charities and expert-advised funds.

Thanks so much for giving and for sharing, Alessandro!

RC Forward 2022 giving deadlines for credit card, direct debit, cheque, and more

To receive a 2022 donation receipt for your giving, please donate soon, to allow enough time for our team to receive and process your gift. Your receipt needs to be dated to 2022 if you’d like to claim a charitable tax credit for this tax year. 

It takes us up to 2 business days to issue your receipt. Don’t worry, the receipt will indicate the day you gave, not the day your receipt was issued. 

Please try to give earlier than the below deadlines if possible – delays can happen. 

Payment methodGive by this date or earlier in 2022How to give
Wire transfer
Send a wire no later than Friday, December 23. See our More Ways To Give document
e-transferSend no later than Friday, December 23. Keep in mind you may face a $3,000 daily e-transfer limit. See our More Ways To Give document
ChequeMail no later than Wednesday, December 28. By law, envelopes with cheques must be postmarked by Dec 31 to receive a tax receipt for that year. See our More Ways To Give document
Direct debitGive no later than Thursday, December 29. Direct debit donations take longer to process. Donate online at
Credit cardGive no later than Saturday, December 31. Donate online at

Do far more good with the same resources

It’s been a tough year financially for many Canadians. Whatever giving looks like for you this year, effective giving presents an opportunity to do 10 times or even 100 times more good with your gift. As effective giver (and former Rethink Charity team member!) Catherine Low shared earlier this year:

“It’s not the size of the problem that matters, it’s how much impact I can make.” 

Head over to our Donate page to donate today to a high-impact charity or fund. Thank you for your generosity this giving season.

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Megan Jamer

Megan Jamer

Megan lives in British Columbia and communicates for Rethink Charity's projects, including RC Forward. She likes trail running more than she dislikes it, and is interested in travel, copyediting, and effective altruism.

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