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Whether you’re new to effective giving or already support high-impact charities, donating through RC Forward can amplify your impact.

Connect with some of the world’s most effective charities. Make a real difference with your donation. Use your receipt to claim tax credits worth up to 51% of the amount you donate. 

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Claim charitable tax credits worth up to 51% of the amount you donate.

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Donating through RC Forward is more cost-effective than donating through most of our partner charities’ websites. Learn more.

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We currently partner with over thirty high-impact charities working across a wide range of cause areas, so that you can have an impact on the problems that matter to you. Get started with effective giving by selecting a high-impact cause area below, or view all our current partner charities.

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Multiply your impact. Our latest best estimate is that when you donate $1 to RC Forward’s operations, you inspire Canadians to donate an additional $6 to our high-impact partner charities. RC Forward is run by a small nonprofit team.

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Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how RC Forward's giving options and regranting process can best serve you.