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The Team

Learn about the staff and Board of Directors of Rethink Charity Foundation.


SK OwYong
Co-Executive Director

SoonKhen (he/him) goes by SK and joined Rethink Charity in 2022 as Operations Engineer, improving processes and systems across the organization. In 2011 SK earned a BS in Business Administration–Management Information Systems from San Jose State University. Along the way, he taught himself programming, and he brings to Rethink Charity over 7 years of experience working in fintech startups in Hong Kong, as a software developer and team leader. SK is passionate about helping teams in the effective altruism community maximize their positive impact, through collaboration and efficiency. Outside of work, SK gets competitive with his friends at sports including skiing, bouldering, and Valorant.

Contact SK: sk (at) rethinkprojects (dot) org


Megan Jamer
Co-Executive Director

Megan (she/they) joined Rethink Charity in 2020 and has served the organization in communications, operations, project management, and leadership roles.  In 2011 Megan earned a Bachelors of Science in Earth Science (Honours) from Simon Fraser University, and started a professional career as an exploration geoscientist. From 2014 to 2019 Megan pursued a second education by travelling on a bicycle in Asian and African countries. Now based on Vancouver Island, Canada, Megan enjoys being outside, listening to podcasts, and cooking plant-based meals.

Contact Megan: megan (at) rethinkprojects (dot) org


Board of Directors

Siobhan Brenton

Baxter Bullock

Tee Barnett