Heads up! Donation deadlines for 2021 tax receipts: Today is Dec 31. It's now too late to make a direct debit donation and receive a 2021 tax receipt. But, good news! You can still donate today online by credit card for a 2021 tax receipt. If you need help making your gift please email our team or learn more about our 2021 deadlines here.

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Thousands of Canadians have used RC Forward to tax-efficiently support high-impact charities around the world.

RC Forward is a project of Rethink Charity, a small nonprofit and registered Canadian charity (Rethink Charity Foundation, CRA registration number 793187881 RR 0001). 

To learn more about how to use RC Forward and the services we offer, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Do you need help or have feedback for us? Please email our team at donations[at]rethinkprojects.org and we will be happy to help!

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Multiply your impact. Our latest best estimate is that when you donate $1 to RC Forward’s operations, you inspire Canadians to donate an additional $6 to our high-impact partner charities. RC Forward is run by a small nonprofit team.

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