Animal Welfare Fund

Donate to the Rethink Charity Animal Welfare Fund

Donate to a fund if you’d like your donation to remain unrestricted and passed on to the charities that need it most.

100% of your donation (minus credit card fees, if applicable) goes to the cause of your choice. Rethink Charity Forward will strive to extend its “zero fees” initiative indefinitely.

If you are making a donation of $1000 or more, or a monthly donation of $200 or more, please send an email to so we can provide you with alternative donation options that could cut back significantly on third-party fees.

Factory farming is by far the largest human-caused barrier to animal welfare. Animal Charity Evaluators recommends the charities in this fund.

In April 2018 the Animal Welfare Fund distributed funds based on Animal Charity Evaluators’ recommended allocation:

  • 33 ⅓% went to the Humane League (grassroots education initiatives)
  • 33 ⅓% went to the Good Food Institute (supports animal product food alternatives)
  • 33 ⅓% went to Animal Equality (exposes factory farming)

All dollar and gift amounts on this donation page are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Money raised for the Animal Welfare Fund through RC Forward

Some of the best Animal Welfare charities focus on reducing the impact of factory farming. That’s because the atrocious conditions that these animals endure, and the large numbers of animals affected mean the scale of this problem exceeds that of any other human-caused animal suffering.