The Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED)

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The Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) is focused on making sure everyone can be fed in the event of a global disaster or catastrophe. As ALLFED grows, its team will do more research into alternative foods and will grow its network of professionals to craft effective plans for global-scale catastrophes.

About this charity

Hear directly from the team at ALLFED about global-scale catastrophes and practical food solutions:

How would we feed everyone if the sun was blocked or if there was a significant disruption to industry? ALLFED is working on planning, preparedness, and research into practical food solutions so that in the event of a global catastrophe, we can respond quickly, save lives, and reduce the risk to civilization.

Food storage might seem like the obvious solution, but it is very expensive, so we are researching alternative food sources that can be scaled-up quickly and that don’t require the sun.

Ideally these catastrophes would not happen, and we support efforts to avoid them. Our research focuses on global catastrophic events rather than smaller-scale disasters, but some of our research may have implications for how we deal with current disasters. We are also focused on events where people will have survived, rather than human extinction events.

Currently we’re focused on two kinds of disasters: disasters that could block out the sun (e.g., nuclear winter, a supervolcano eruption, an asteroid impact) and disasters that could disable industry (e.g., high-altitude electromagnetic pulses (HEMPs) from nuclear weapons, a solar flare, a coordinated cyberattack). ALLFED’s work includes conducting research into alternative foods, catastrophe planning, and growing our communication network so information could be disseminated post-catastrophe.

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