Who We Are

Anima International envisions a world where animals are not treated as products. Founded in 2018 by leaders from Poland and Denmark, AI connects animal advocates from these countries as well as Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and the United Kingdom. Our intention is to make change happen for animals as quickly and effectively as possible and speed up the progress in countries where the animal protection is neglected, such as Ukraine and Russia.

We have long supported the ideas of Effective Altruism — using evidence, reasoning and self-reflection to make sure we are doing the best job we can with the resources we have.

Donations to Anima International would go towards:

Movement Building - At Anima International we strengthen the power and effectiveness of the animal protection movement throughout Europe and Asia.

Investigations - One of our strengths is the ability to create excellent investigation projects that inspire compassion towards farm animals. We share our materials for free.

International Campaigning Teams - In the coming years we aim to create bigger change for animals by focussing on campaigns against international companies.

Meat Reduction - Reducing meat intake is one of the most effective ways we can help animals.

Strengthen Animal Protection in Russia - Russia is one of the most important political powers in the world and spreading information about the problems of factory farming and animal suffering is currently incredibly neglected.

Impact Research - We want to learn from and add to the global debate on effective tactics and strategies in the animal protection movement.