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Animal Charity Evaluators

July 2023: RC Forward has made changes to how it operates. Fundraising is paused for most campaigns. We advise donors to give tax-effectively if possible while prioritizing impact over tax benefits. If you wish to donate to this charity directly without a donation receipt, please donate on their website. To make a donation eligible for a donation receipt, please visit our new donation page (link). For more information, please read our update (link). Contact us (link) if you have questions or need support.

ACE’s mission is to find and promote the most effective ways to help animals. ACE pursues three main programs: Research and Evaluation, Fundraising and Grantmaking, and Education and Outreach. If you have any particular requests about what program or ACE giving fund you wish that your gift support, please email our team at [email protected] before you donate.

About this charity

Research and Evaluation: ACE evaluates animal charities around the globe in order to determine their effectiveness in reducing animal suffering. ACE’s comprehensive Charity Evaluations Program provides an in-depth look at each charity’s Programs, Cost Effectiveness, Room for More Funding, and Leadership and Culture in order to recommend them as either a Top Charity or a Standout Charity. Outside of its rigorous charity evaluation activities, ACE conducts research aimed at resolving uncertainties relevant to its work and to the animal advocacy movement as a whole.

Fundraising and Grantmaking: Since 2014, ACE estimates that it has helped to influence nearly $50 million USD in donations within the animal advocacy movement. ACE offers convenient giving opportunities, such as its Recommended Charity Fund and Movement Grants, for donors to support effective charities and promising projects working around the globe to reduce animal suffering. 

Education and Outreach: Through online and offline efforts, ACE educates people on how they can help the greatest number of animals. ACE produces informational videos aimed at explaining the concepts of effective animal advocacy to a broad audience. Its annual Guide to Effective Giving educates donors and advocates about where to invest their resources in order to help the most animals. ACE’s internationally-based team speaks at conferences around the globe to share its work and reach more people interested in reducing animal suffering. ACE also supports those working in the animal advocacy movement by publishing guidance, interviewing leaders and experts, and sharing advice on successful nonprofit practices and operations in order to increase effectiveness.

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