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The Albert Schweitzer Foundation advocates for farmed animals and promotes a vegan lifestyle. Donations support corporate campaigns, efficient lawsuits, its international expansion, and traditional animal welfare campaigns which are used as interim steps on the path towards more progressive topics.

About this charity

Hear directly from the Albert Schweitzer Foundation team about their work:

Albert Schweitzer’s fundamental maxim – Reverence for Life – is also the guiding philosophy behind the work of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. We strive for a society in which animals are no longer exploited and in which life is truly revered.

Spreading veganism and ending animal suffering is a lengthy process. We use traditional animal welfare campaigns as interim steps on the path towards more progressive topics. This method has proven successful in opening doors that otherwise may have remained closed.

Companies – especially those operating in the food industry – have an enormous influence on the number of “farm animals” and the conditions they are kept in. To drive change in this area, our team launches campaigns aimed at getting companies to stop selling products that are the result of particularly cruel processes. Our most important campaigns in this area include the raising of welfare standards for broiler chickens and in the aquaculture industry and the elimination of cage eggs from supply chains. Our corporate outreach team also launches campaigns to get companies to extend and improve their vegan range of products.

Consumers, too, wield considerable power. To reach as many people as possible, we launched the Pig Mobile Tour and the Vegan Taste Week. This (German) website and newsletter program encourages people to try a (more) plant-based diet. Our endeavors in the consumer outreach area benefit from tremendous voluntary support through our local groups.

Furthermore, we finance legal action which is something most groups in Germany cannot do due to financial constraints. We also support international campaigns and share information as well as expertise with other animal welfare and animal rights organizations at both a national and an international level.

We see great prospects in bringing our campaigns to other countries. After establishing a foundation in Poland in 2017, we are now starting to plan expanding into other countries.

Our work is made possible by donations, which we consider as investments by people eager to create the greatest possible change in the treatment of farmed animals. This is why we strive for maximum effectiveness and work efficiency.

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