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Carbon180 is a US-based environmental NGO that champions carbon removal solutions — a critical but largely neglected piece of the climate puzzle — through policy advocacy, business engagement, and innovation support.

About this charity

Carbon180 works to fix climate change by facilitating a broad portfolio of carbon removal approaches (also known as negative emissions technologies) through policy development and advocacy, as well as business engagement and innovation support. Currently focused on the United States, their mission is to transform our relationship with carbon — flipping it 180 degrees — to create a world that removes more carbon than it emits.

The scientific consensus is abundantly clear that carbon removal will be needed, at gigaton scale, if we are to meet ambitious targets such as limiting warming to 2°C. Carbon removal covers a wide range of approaches, from land-based solutions such as planting trees in previously unforested areas and changing our agricultural practices to those that store carbon in soils to technological pathways like direct air capture. (For further information on negative emissions, click here.) 

Most climate models consistent with limiting global warming to 2°C assume that we will deploy carbon removal on a large scale in the coming decades — but the reality is that these pathways have received relatively little attention to date. Through their policy and innovation work, Carbon180 aims to improve the carbon removal ecosystem by making it easier for carbon removal solutions to achieve maturity and scale.

Carbon180 curates a blog, offers two newsletters, and publishes regular educational resources and thought leadership on carbon removal policy and science. 

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