Who We Are

CATF began its efforts in the mid-1990’s by founding and directing a successful campaign to force American coal plants to reduce their health-damaging emissions; those policies helped spur the retirement of nearly a third of the nation’s coal capacity. But we need to go much further. CATF supports aggressive deployment of renewable energy to meet today’s daunting challenges, but we also accept that fossil fuels will not be eliminated any time soon, especially in the industrial and transportation sectors. So CATF works with private companies and public policymakers to demonstrate and scale up carbon capture and storage, to support development of advanced renewables such as deep rock geothermal power, and to accelerate the innovation necessary to harness nuclear energy in a way that is safer, less costly, and employs simpler technology. At the same time, CATF continues its vital advocacy and outreach leadership through projects to: empower activists and policymakers aiming to cut methane emissions from burgeoning oil and gas production in Latin America and elsewhere; push for international clean fuel mandates in the Arctic; fight for and defend policies to reduce black carbon emissions in diesel vehicles, marine shipping, and biomass burning; and promote policies to ensure that bioenergy use worldwide is at least carbon neutral and, where possible, carbon negative. Binding all these activities and venues is CATF’s unrelenting commitment to accelerating the emergence of new technologies that will greatly reduce or eliminate climate warming emissions and protect our climate.