Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA)

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The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) is an effective altruist hub that runs and supports projects that promote effective altruism ideas and aims. CEA’s vision is an optimal world, and its mission is to create a global community of people who have made helping others a core part of their lives, and who use evidence and scientific reasoning to figure out how to do so as effectively as possible.

By default, donations will be unrestricted and may be allocated at the discretion of CEA to any of its four Effective Altruism Funds or to its operational costs. If you would like your donation earmarked for a specific fund, please fill out this form AFTER you make your donation.

About this charity

CEA acts as a springboard for the effective altruism community. It aims to

  • promote and strengthen effective altruism as an idea and a community,
  • help figure out how best to advance the well-being of all, and
  • inspire people to take action based on that knowledge.

CEA helps to grow and maintain the effective altruism movement, and it is a growing coalition of projects that put ideas into practice. CEA’s current projects include Giving What We Can, 80,000 Hours, and the Global Priorities Project. The team at CEA is also piloting new projects, which may go on to form their own organizations if they are successful. The Life You Can Save and Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) were originally incubated as part of CEA and now operate independently in the US. CEA is based at its offices in the UK (University of Oxford) and in the US (Berkeley, CA).

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