Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA)

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CEA’s mission is to build a community of people acting on the principles of effective altruism. We do this by creating and sustaining high-quality discussion spaces: EA conferences, the EA Forum, and EA groups around the world. We also run other projects; you can see more details on our website.

About this charity

CEA’s overall aim is to do the most we can to solve pressing global problems — like global poverty, factory farming, and existential risk — and prepare to face the challenges of tomorrow.

There are many opportunities to help others, but some are much more effective than others, and it’s hard for people to find the best opportunities. People also often need social support, funding, and mentorship in order to pursue a career that’s focused on helping others. As a result, talented people often have little impact (compared to what they could achieve) or become disillusioned with altruistic projects.

The EA community is a place where people can learn about and discuss which ways of doing good are most effective, based on impartially altruistic, truth-seeking principles. It also provides people with social support and connections that help them to help others, whether they become researchers, run their own charities, focus on personal philanthropy, or follow another path.

CEA is building this community by creating and sustaining high-quality discussion spaces. We curate events, local groups, and an online forum where people with a broad range of views discuss the most effective ways to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

If we succeed, the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and philanthropists will be focused on addressing these problems as effectively as possible.

We work across three broad areas: 

  • Onboarding: Helping newcomers find and get involved in the EA community.
  • Continued engagement: Helping experienced community members stay involved and take more substantial action — for example, finding a more impactful career, or mentoring newer members with similar interests.
  • Community health: Helping the community flourish by shaping its culture and norms, by encouraging diversity, and by providing support in geographic and professional areas where EA is just beginning to get established.

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