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Cool Earth helps prevent deforestation by partnering with Indigenous villages to build sustainable livelihoods so they earn more by keeping rainforests standing, rather than by clearing them. This mitigates climate change and preserves the rich biodiversity of the rainforest.

About this charity

Hear directly from Cool Earth about its work:

Rainforests are vast carbon sinks, manufacturers of oxygen and fresh water, and home to 10 million species — many of which are endangered and may soon become extinct due to deforestation.

Cool Earth is working alongside 113 Indigenous villages throughout the world, providing them with resources to build their livelihoods so they don’t need to rely on money from logging. These partner villages are protecting over 200 square kilometres of forest that lie directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers.

Cool Earth only works with villages that approach them, and the villagers drive the partnership. A village decides what it needs most and how funds are spent — on anything from clean water or a new classroom, to midwife training or mosquito nets.

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