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Deworm the World Initiative – Evidence Action

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Evidence Action scales evidence-based and cost-effective programs to reduce the burden of poverty. It fills the gap between research about what works and implementing solutions for those in need. Evidence Action operates in nine countries and measurably impacts hundreds of millions of lives every year through its programs.

By default, donations will be recommended to Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative. If you would like to recommend your donation support the Dispensers for Safe Water program instead, please let us know in the “message for RC Forward” field on the second page of the online donation form.

About this charity

Evidence Action runs several programs, including the following:

Deworm the World Initiative

Recognized as a GiveWell top-rated charity each year from 2013 to 2022, Deworm the World Initiative partners with governments to develop and implement national, school-based deworming programs to treat children for parasitic worm infection. In 2022, Deworm the World reached over 249 million children. Since 2014, Deworm the World has supported over 1.8 billion treatments at an average cost of less than $0.50 USD per treatment per child. Deworming improves health, education, and long-term productivity as children grow into adults.

Dispensers for Safe Water

Dispensers for Safe Water provides over six million people in low-income countries with free and reliable access to safe water. The program was recognized as a GiveWell standout charity before GiveWell retired that designation. Dispensers for Safe Water installs free-of-charge chlorine dispensers near community water points, allowing individuals to disperse a pre-measured amount of chlorine into their jerrycans, keeping water safe for two to three days. The program costs around $1.50 USD per person, per year.

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