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Faunalytics’ mission is to empower animal advocates with research, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. They conduct research, maintain an online research library, and directly support advocates and organizations working to save animal lives.

About this charity

Faunalytics’ mission is to empower animal advocates with access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. The range of data they provide helps animal advocates understand how people think about and respond to advocacy, identifying the most effective strategies to inspire change for animals.


  • The Original Research studies that Faunalytics conducts are carefully selected, designed, and produced to provide actionable and insightful data for the animal protection movement. They prioritize topics that impact many animals; therefore, most of their original research focuses on farmed animal and veg*n advocacy. 
  • Faunalytics’ Research Library is the world’s biggest collection of opinion and behavior research about animal protection. The library houses summaries of over 4,000 peer-reviewed research articles and public opinion surveys, as well as infographics, videos, and other visual resources on nearly every animal advocacy issue.
  • Their unique Office Hours program gives animal advocates the opportunity to receive one-on-one advice and support with research design, strategy, and general knowledge questions.


Faunalytics’ 2020 Community Survey results:

  • 95% of respondents agreed that Faunalytics’ work is high-quality
  • 81% found their work to be “very” or “extremely” valuable
  • 74% agreed that their work improved their or their organization’s advocacy efforts

Faunalytics has been named a Standout Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators, and maintains a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. Learn more by visiting their Impact Center or clicking the links below. Thank you for your support!

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