Iodine Global Network (IGN)

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The Iodine Global Network (IGN) aims to reduce iodine deficiency globally by advocating for national salt iodization programs, tracking progress on iodization, and providing global and country-specific guidance on related programmatic and scientific issues.

About this charity

IGN’s activities include the following work to reduce iodine deficiency globally:

  • IGN advocates for universal salt iodization in specific countries, which involves meeting with government officials, educating policy-makers about programmatically relevant iodine science, and creating and facilitating national stakeholder coalitions (which may include government agencies, aid agencies, other non-profit implementers, and salt producers).
  • IGN monitors progress in salt iodization and iodine status.
  • IGN seeks targeted support from implementing agencies for specific countries when needed.
  • IGN serves as a liaison between the scientific community and the global health community for iodine issues. For example, it helps the World Health Organization (WHO) maintain a database of iodine status for all countries, publishes a quarterly newsletter on universal salt iodization programs and related research findings, and summarizes scientific research on questions that are relevant to salt iodization programs.

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