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Project Healthy Children (Sanku)

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Micronutrient deficiencies are the leading cause of intellectual disability in children, preventable blindness in adults, and maternal death during childbirth. Project Healthy Children (Sanku) supports governments to ensure the successful delivery of food fortification programs to tens of millions of people.

About this charity

A healthy and nutritious diet is the cornerstone to a country’s development — it is the most cost-effective way to prevent disease and illness, and the most important step toward providing children the opportunity to regularly attend school and to arrive alert and ready to learn.

PHC monitoring program EnAct not only works with governments to put in place quality food fortification programs similar to what is seen in developed countries, it also equips them with the tools and training needed to monitor the programs so they can be sustained and effective in the years to come.

An extremely limited amount of data exists globally on whether or not programs are actually delivering the intended amount of nutrients, thereby jeopardizing the health impact of these efforts.

EnAct intends to address this challenge by providing tools and training to enable governments, in 15 countries over 3 years, to track fortified foods delivered through national programs to ensure they contain adequate levels of nutrients (i.e., that which the national standard stipulates) needed to have a positive nutritional impact and to enable countries to act upon program gaps to improve outcomes in a timely, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

Preventing problems before they occur frees up healthcare dollars previously spent on curing illness that should never have happened. For as little as $10,000 USD per year, EnAct can provide governments with the resources needed to make sure the laws and policies relating to food fortification programs are effective and enforced. That amounts to less than one-tenth of one cent (i.e., less than $0.001 USD) per person each year!

PHC will reach 45 million people in 2017.

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