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Population Services International (PSI)

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Population Services International (PSI) is a global health organization that makes it easier for all people to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire by delivering quality health products and services like contraception.

About this charity

Right now, half of the world’s population, or 3.5 billion people, lack access to quality essential health services. Population Services International (PSI) works to improve health systems and market affordable health products and services to ensure people are getting the health care they say they need when they need it – all without undue financial burden.

For more than 50 years, PSI has been committed to identifying and developing impactful, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to some of the most challenging health issues around the world. Using social marketing techniques, robust monitoring and evaluation methods, and market and consumer insights, PSI works to educate and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors worldwide. PSI’s network across 40+ countries works in partnership with local healthcare workers to leverage existing infrastructures and broaden their impact across PSI’s core health areas: sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and contraception, HIV/AIDS, malaria, water, sanitation and hygiene and non-communicable diseases.

PSI believes that universal health coverage can only be achieved by taking a business approach to saving lives. Borrowing a social business model most commonly used in for-profit enterprises, PSI oversees 21 healthcare franchise networks that provide products and services to millions of people each year. These 10,000+ enterprises increase access to affordable care and reduce the strain on overstretched healthcare systems, creating economic opportunities for local communities.

Your contribution will help expand access to essential health care by:

  • Supporting educational and outreach campaigns to reach women and young girls with life-saving SRH health information and services, including contraceptive counseling that helps women and girls to choose the method that is right for them
  • Training health extension workers, enabling them to meet the health needs of communities, advise on essential products like contraception and stay up-to-date on safety protocols
  • Expanding social and behavior change campaigns to market healthy behaviors, like handwashing and self-testing for communicable diseases
  • Helping local entrepreneurs market safe and effective health products, like modern toilets
  • Supporting the distribution of insecticide-treated nets to at-risk populations
  • Distributing innovative and effective self-care products, like HIV self-testing that helps people learn their HIV status when and where they choose

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