Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira (SVB)

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Founded in 2003, Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira (SVB) promotes plant-based eating by organizing events, implementing large-scale institutional meat reduction, administering a vegan label, and working with industry and restaurants to increase vegan offerings, while also training health professionals and influencing dietary guidelines.

About this charity

Hear directly from SVB about its work to popularize plant-based eating in Brazil:

An Animal Charity Evaluators standout charity since 2018, SVB was founded in 2003 and has grown into a twenty-five-employee high-impact organization. SVB is working to implement the reduction of meat, dairy, and egg consumption and to make vegan products more accessible for people in Brazil.

In 2019 alone, SVB contributed to the serving of 81 million plant based meals through its Meatless Monday program, especially in the public school networks of São Paulo state (home to approximately three million students) and São Paulo city (home to over one million students) but also in other cafeterias and institutions.

Through its Vegan Option program, SVB helped implement vegan offerings in several restaurant chains between 2017 and 2020, including the launch of a fully-vegan sandwich at Subway Brazil, which has over two thousand locations.

Through its food industry and vegan labeling program, SBV has certified over 2,500 vegan products as of July 2020. The organization has also actively participated in major food industry events, for example by delivering lectures and offering vegan industry guidance at Fispal Food Service, Fispal Tecnologia, and Food Ingredients South America.

With a strong track record in the health cause area and being a multi-cause area group, SVB has also been able to influence official dietary guidelines over the years, including the São Paulo Dietitians’ Association guidelines and the Health Ministry’s Dietary Guidelines for Children Under Two. SBV’s work in this cause area has also included training over three thousand health professionals (mainly dietitians and physicians) by conducting fifteen training sessions since 2016.

SVB has also organized the first edition of Plant-Based Conference Brasil, with more than five hundred attendees and with keynotes delivered by renowned physicians and dietitians from Brazil and abroad.

For more than a decade, SVB has also been the host and organizer of Vegfest Brasil, the biggest veg event in Latin America, with a turnout of over nine thousand people in its 2018 edition.

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