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Wild Animal Initiative

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Wild Animal Initiative is a non-profit organization that strives to understand and improve the lives of wild animals. Because that will only be possible through sound science, the team at Wild Animal Initiative supports pioneering research into responsible ways to reduce animal suffering in the wild.

About this charity

Hear directly from the Wild Animal Initiative team about how they’re working to address wild animal suffering: 

The natural world can be a source of great beauty and happiness for humans and animals alike. But life in the wild can also be brutal. For many wild animals, finding food and avoiding death is a constant struggle — and they have no hope of medical care.

Wild Animal Initiative believes that we should prevent harm whenever we can. Regardless of whether the harm is caused by humans or occurs naturally. Regardless of whether the victim is endangered or common.

It won’t be easy. Wild animals have diverse needs. Ecosystems are complicated. Without enough information, even well-meaning wildlife managers can do more harm than good.

That’s why we need sound science. Addressing the needs of animals as individuals — rather than as mere components of species or ecosystems — opens a new frontier in science. Even the most basic questions remain unanswered: 

  • Which animals can feel pain?
  • What is the quality of their lives like in the wild?
  • How can we safely and sustainably help them?

Without a concerted research effort, the solutions to the problems wild animals face will remain undiscovered.

We can’t do it alone. The breadth of this work is beyond the reach of any one research group. To build a better world for wild animals, we need a thriving community of researchers to chart the most responsible path forward. Like environmental science or conservation biology before it, this new field of wild animal welfare research will have to be ambitiously interdisciplinary. Establishing that research community is Wild Animal Initiative’s number one priority.

Your donation will help us:

  1. Conduct and publish scientific research to catalyze conversations in academia
  2. Educate scientists, students, funders, and wildlife managers on the opportunities available in this growing field
  3. Secure institutional funding for groundbreaking wild animal welfare research

Ultimately, we envision a world in which people actively choose to help wild animals — and have the knowledge they need to do so responsibly.

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