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RC Forward Animal Welfare Fund

July 2023: RC Forward has made changes to how it operates. Fundraising is paused for most campaigns. We advise donors to give tax-effectively if possible while prioritizing impact over tax benefits. If you wish to donate to a high-impact organization directly without a donation receipt, please donate on their website. To make a donation eligible for a donation receipt, please visit our new donation page (link). For more information, please read our update (link). Contact us (link) if you have questions or need support.

Donate to charities recommended by Animal Charity Evaluators for fighting factory farming and reducing the suffering of wild animals.

About this fund

Update November 30, 2022: Animal Charity Evaluators is offering a match on gifts to its Recommended Charity Fund (while funds last). For instructions to participate from Canada, see this document.

About our Animal Welfare Fund

From the atrocious conditions of factory farming to the harsh conditions of the wild, animals around the world face an enormous amount of suffering every day. It doesn’t have to be this way. The RC Forward Animal Welfare Fund is a great way to make your efforts to help animals go further, by relying on expert research to inform your giving.

RC Forward collaborates with Animal Charity Evaluators to ensure that your donations support high-impact animal welfare charities. Your donations to the RC Forward Animal Welfare Fund made from October 2022 to September 2023 will be split between Animal Charity Evaluators’ current Top Charities: Faunalytics, The Humane League (THL), the Good Food Institute (GFI), and Wild Animal Initiative (WAI).

Because our fund is distributed based on the latest ACE recommendations, you can be confident that you are supporting charities that have been rigorously evaluated on several key metrics, including cost effectiveness, culture, track record, and room for more funding. (Learn more here.)

Learn more about ACE’s current Top Charities in Charity Reviews database, where you can find links to detailed reviews.


Of your donation will support the work of Faunalytics. Faunalytics is a U.S.-based organization working to connect animal advocates with information relevant to advocacy. This mostly involves cоnducting and publishing independent research, working directly with partner organizations on various research projects, and promoting existing research and data for individual advocates through their website’s content library.

The Humane League


Of your donation will support the work of The Humane League (THL). THL currently operates in the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., and Japan, where they work to improve animal welfare standards through grassroots campaigns, movement building, veg*n advocacy, research, and advocacy training, as well as through corporate, media, and community outreach. They work to build the animal advocacy movement internationally through the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), a coalition founded by THL whose mission is to end the use of battery cages globally.


Of your donation will support the work of Wild Animal Initiative (WAI). WAI currently operates in the U.S., where they work to strengthen the animal advocacy movement through creating an academic field dedicated to wild animal welfare. They compile literature reviews, write theoretical and opinion articles, and publish research results on their website and/or in peer-reviewed journals. WAI focuses on identifying and sharing possible research avenues and connecting with more established fields. They also work with researchers from various academic and non-academic institutions to identify potential collaborators, and they recently launched a grant assistance program.


Of your donation will support the work of the Good Food Institute (GFI). GFI works to increase the availability of animal-free products through supporting the development and marketing of plant-based and cell-cultured alternatives to animal products. They achieve this through policy work and institutional and corporate vegan outreach. They also help strengthen the animal advocacy movement by supporting research and startups focused on alternative proteins. GFI currently operates in the U.S., Brazil, India, the U.K., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Israel. Because most of GFI’s spending on programs goes toward animal groups, outcomes, countries, and interventions that we consider high (or very high) priority, ACE assessed the expected effectiveness of GFI’s programs as very high.

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