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RC Forward Climate Change Fund

Donations made through RC Forward are eligible for Canadian official donation receipts, which can be used to claim charitable tax credits. Use our calculator to estimate your credits.

Support charities recommended by Founders Pledge that work on highly impactful, evidence-based solutions to the triple challenge of climate change, air pollution and energy poverty.

About this fund

  • By donating to this fund, you’ll support work to address climate change, air pollution, and energy poverty.
  • We work with the Advisory Team at Founders Pledge to allocate your donations to one or more of the organizations that are in this fund’s portfolio, listed below.
  • Founders Pledge is a separate organization, and gifts to this fund do not go to Founders Pledge.
  • Scroll down to learn more about where donations to this fund have gone each quarter.
  • At the bottom of this page are frequently asked questions about this fund.

Organizations in this fund’s portfolio

Carbon180 is a US-based environmental NGO that champions carbon removal solutions — a critical but largely neglected piece of the climate puzzle — through policy advocacy, business engagement, and innovation support. You can learn more at carbon180.org.

TerraPraxis designs and implements strategies that leverage science, technology and energy innovation for a prosperous planet. TerraPraxis focuses on accelerating action for climate and prosperity, by enabling high-impact rapid transitions for the toughest parts of the decarbonization challenge. Learn more at terrapraxis.org.

Clean Air Task Force is catalyzing resilient solutions, scaled to meet the climate challenge. You can learn more at catf.us.

Regranting reports

If you gave in Quarter 4, 2021

Coming soon! We’ll work with the team at Founders Pledge to allocate your Q4 donations to high-impact climate change donation opportunities.

If you gave in Quarter 3, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to TerraPraxis.

If you gave in Quarter 2, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to TerraPraxis.

If you gave in Quarter 1, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to Clean Air Task Force (CATF).

Frequently asked questions about this fund

Specifically, what types of organizations does this fund support?

The goal of this fund is to support organizations doing work to sustainably achieve net zero emissions globally.

This fund seeks to support organizations whose work not only reduces emissions now, but will do so in a way that avoids future emissions, while also creating opportunities for the world’s poor and eventually ending energy poverty entirely.

We encourage you to visit the websites of the organizations listed above to learn more about their work.

Do donations to this fund go to Founders Pledge?

No. Four times a year, we reach out to Founders Pledge for their advice on where your donations would do the most good addressing climate change. Founders Pledge will advise us of which organization(s) your donations should support during that quarter. Then we regrant your donations to these organizations.

Will my donation go to all the organizations shown above?

Not necessarily. Your donation will support one or more organizations from those listed above, depending on the latest advice we receive from Founders Pledge four times per year.

What is Founders Pledge, and what is its relationship with RC Forward?

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. It is a completely separate organization to RC Forward.

There are two main ways that RC Forward collaborates with Founders Pledge:

  1. When we launched the RC Forward Climate Change Fund, we were excited for Founders Pledge to advise it. All of our funds at RC Forward are advised by relevant experts that are external to our organization. Both RC Forward and Founders Pledge seek to connect you with organizations that aren’t just doing good work, but those that can use your donation to create an outsized positive impact on addressing climate change.
  2. Entrepreneurs that have joined Founders Pledge as members have made a binding commitment to donate a meaningful percentage of their personal proceeds at the point of liquidity to high-impact non-profits. There are several Founders Pledge members in Canada, and we are honoured to help them fulfill their pledges through using RC Forward.

How is this fund different than the Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund?

We commonly hear from donors who are curious about the Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund, and how similar it is to our RC Forward Climate Change Fund.

Here are the similarities between the funds:

  1. Both funds are advised by Founders Pledge. Founders Pledge takes a particular approach to evaluating and recommending high-impact organizations. You can learn more about Founders Pledge’s approach to addressing climate change in this video about their giving strategy.
  2. Both funds focus on using the latest research and evidence to direct your donations to high-impact organizations. This means that the organizations supported by these funds are likely to change over time.

Here are the differences between the funds:

  1. Our fund is regranted quarterly. Founders Pledge’s fund pays out to organizations on different timescales.
  2. Our fund only regrants to established climate change organizations. Founders Pledge may regrant to either established organizations or newer, less-established climate change projects.
  3. Donations to our fund are eligible for Canadian official donation receipts.

What motivates other Canadians to donate to this fund?

We created this fund in response to feedback from Canadian donors seeking a simple, effective option for supporting high-impact climate change work. This fund has experienced a lot of growth since we launched it in 2021, and we’re not surprised: climate change is a huge topic in Canada.

Supporters of this fund understand that climate change is both a local and global problem, and are motivated to fund evidence-based organizations, wherever they are in the world.

Thank you for your support of effective work to address climate change, air pollution, and energy poverty!

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