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RC Forward Climate Change Fund

July 2023: RC Forward has made changes to how it operates. Fundraising is paused for most campaigns. We advise donors to give tax-effectively if possible while prioritizing impact over tax benefits. If you wish to donate to a high-impact organization directly without a donation receipt, please donate on their website. To make a donation eligible for a donation receipt, please visit our new donation page (link). For more information, please read our update (link). Contact us (link) if you have questions or need support.

Support charities recommended by Founders Pledge that work on highly impactful, evidence-based solutions to the triple challenge of climate change, air pollution and energy poverty.

About this fund

  • By donating to this fund, you’ll support work to address climate change, air pollution, and energy poverty.
  • We work with the climate change team at Founders Pledge to allocate your donations.
  • Founders Pledge is a separate organization, and gifts to this fund do not go to Founders Pledge.
  • Scroll down to learn more about where donations to this fund have gone each quarter.
  • At the bottom of this page are frequently asked questions about this fund.

Organizations in this fund’s portfolio

Carbon180 is a US-based environmental NGO that champions carbon removal solutions — a critical but largely neglected piece of the climate puzzle — through policy advocacy, business engagement, and innovation support. You can learn more at

TerraPraxis designs and implements strategies that leverage science, technology and energy innovation for a prosperous planet. TerraPraxis focuses on accelerating action for climate and prosperity, by enabling high-impact rapid transitions for the toughest parts of the decarbonization challenge. Learn more at

Clean Air Task Force is catalyzing resilient solutions, scaled to meet the climate challenge. You can learn more at

This fund may also support other organizations, based on Founders Pledge’s latest climate change strategy and research, which you can learn more about here on their website.

Regranting reports

If you gave in Quarter 4, 2021 – Quarter 4, 2022

Update November, 2022: We are actively working with Founders Pledge on finalizing the next grant that this fund will support, based on funds raised in Q4, 2021 to Q4, 2022. We expect to publish more information in December, 2022. We regret the delay and look forward to sharing more information soon!

If you gave in Quarter 3, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to TerraPraxis.

If you gave in Quarter 2, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to TerraPraxis.

If you gave in Quarter 1, 2021

We regranted all support raised in this fund to Clean Air Task Force (CATF).

Frequently asked questions about this fund

Specifically, what types of organizations does this fund support?

The goal of this fund is to support organizations doing work to sustainably achieve net zero emissions globally.

This fund seeks to support organizations whose work not only reduces emissions now, but will do so in a way that avoids future emissions, while also creating opportunities for the world’s poor and eventually ending energy poverty entirely.

To learn more about the research and strategy that informs what charities the RC Forward Climate Change Fund supports, please visit Founders Pledge’s Climate Change Fund page.

Do donations to this fund go to Founders Pledge?

No. We reach out to Founders Pledge for their advice on where your donations would do the most good addressing climate change. Founders Pledge will advise us of which organization(s) your donations should support during that quarter. Then we regrant your donations to these organizations.

Will my donation go to all the organizations shown above?

Not necessarily. Your donation will support one or more organizations from those listed above, depending on the latest advice we receive from Founders Pledge four times per year.

What is Founders Pledge, and what is its relationship with RC Forward?

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. It is a completely separate organization to RC Forward.

How is this fund different than the Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund?

We commonly hear from donors who are curious about the Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund, and how similar it is to our RC Forward Climate Change Fund.

Here are the similarities between the funds:

  1. Both funds are advised by Founders Pledge. Founders Pledge takes a particular approach to evaluating and recommending high-impact organizations. You can learn more about Founders Pledge’s approach to addressing climate change here.
  2. Both funds focus on using the latest research and evidence to direct your donations to high-impact organizations. This means that the organizations supported by these funds are likely to change over time.

Here are some differences:

  1. The Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund has more flexibility, in terms of what organizations it can support and when it pays out grants. Our fund at RC Forward is more limited in what it can support, and aims to regrant on a quarterly cadence (though we sometimes fall short here).
  2. Support of the RC Forward Climate Change Fund is eligible to receive a Canadian donation receipt.

Is donating to this fund right for me?

Our top recommendation would be to explore the climate change strategy and research of the team at Founders Pledge, updated for 2022-2023. If you’re excited about Founders Pledge’s goals and believe its strategy is an effective path to achieving them, then supporting the RC Forward Climate Change Fund if you’re a Canadian donor could be a great option for you.

We invite you to consider supporting high-impact climate philanthropy that aims to

  1. Save lives which would have been needlessly lost to air pollution. 
  2. Create a future without energy poverty.
  3. Protect the planet for our children and grandchildren

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