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2020 RC Forward Annual Report – Your Effective Giving During an Extraordinary Year

We are excited to share RC Forward’s 2020 Annual Report with you. It was RC Forward’s third full year, and we invite you to explore the giving metrics and accomplishments we share in the report. 

The complementary article below shares a behind-the-scenes look at how our team responded to 2020’s challenges, and how your generosity was also a game changer for RC Forward itself. 

In our latest annual report, explore our response to COVID-19, compare donations by cause area, check out the improvements we made in 2020, overview our revenues and expenditures, and learn what our team is focused on in 2021 and beyond!

Behind the scenes at RC Forward

Adapting and responding to 2020’s trying circumstances

Like so many, we faced uncertainties and tough decisions related to the impact of COVID-19. And like so many, we were moved to respond to the events of 2020. Fortunately, we could act. 

Because we were already a remote team, the pandemic did not significantly interrupt our daily operations, meaning that we could continue to facilitate regranting your much-needed donations to our high-impact partner charities, at a time when stable revenue was exceptionally important for them.

In 2020, RC Forward now had a strong ability to pivot, thanks to hard work invested in 2018 and 2019. This meant we were able to quickly offer you tax-efficient ways to support promising projects related to COVID-19 and to criminal justice reform in the United States. 

Here are a few metrics and moments our team members are most proud of from 2020:

  • You gave $2.7 million dollars to the high-impact partner charities we feature, guided by the recommendations of GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, Founders Pledge, and The Life You Can Save. 
  • You gave nearly $200,000 to the charities we spotlighted for their COVID-19 initiatives.
  • 24% of your donations were made through our expert-advised high-impact funds. 
  • Because of your generosity, we were even able to start building a more efficient, powerful donation platform. 

How RC Forward’s future changed in 2020

The generous donations you made through RC Forward were also game changers for the platform itself. Here’s why:

The end of 2019 and the start of 2020 were tough for our organization, Rethink Charity. We had just completed a round of layoffs, and we weren’t sure what was going to happen to make RC Forward sustainable going forward. 

At the start of 2020 we began testing new ways to raise the revenue needed to continue running RC Forward. These efforts included a 4% operations allocation, a decision not taken lightly by our team. Then, COVID-19 happened. 

Because of the pandemic, we didn’t anticipate much growth in the platform. We forecasted that our donor community would give around the same amount as in 2019, which would have already been quite generous. But many of you gave even more through the platform in past years. 

Because of this generosity, you not only kept RC Forward operating, but also made the platform’s future more secure. You even catalyzed our work to start building a more efficient, powerful platform. 

We are deeply grateful for what your generosity made possible for high-impact charities around the world, and for RC Forward itself. Thank you.

We would love to hear your feedback and answer your questions about the report! Please reach out by emailing us to start the conversation. Thank you for your support that powers our work to connect Canadians with better ways to support high-impact charities around the world!