RC Forward Human Empowerment Fund

Donations made through RC Forward are eligible for Canadian official donation receipts, which can be used to claim charitable tax credits. Use our calculator to estimate your credits.

Donate to charities recommended by GiveWell for educating and empowering people experiencing extreme poverty.

About this fund

  • People often know what’s best for them. Human empowerment is about providing people with the opportunities and knowledge they need to make their lives better.
  • By donating to the RC Forward Human Empowerment Fund, you’ll help empower people that currently struggle to meet their basic needs.
  • Every quarter, we work with the charity evaluator GiveWell to allocate your donations to outstanding charities.

What your donations have funded

Quarter 1, 2021

  • If you donated October to December, 2020, then 100% of your donations went to New Incentives.
  • We worked with GiveWell to determine this allocation in May, 2021.


of your donations funded New Incentives’ work to increase immunization rates in Nigeria through conditional cash transfers

Quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2020

  • If you donated January to December, 2020, then 100% of your donations went to Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative.
  • We worked with GiveWell after each quarterly donation period to determine these allocations.


of your donations funded Evidence Action’s Deworm the World Initiative to combat parasitic worm infections in children, by working with governments to deliver mass school-based deworming programs

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Multiply your impact. Our latest best estimate is that when you donate $1 to RC Forward’s operations, you inspire Canadians to donate an additional $6 to our partner charities.

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