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100% of your donation (minus credit card fees, if applicable) goes to the cause of your choice. Rethink Charity Forward will strive to extend its “zero fees” initiative indefinitely.

If you are making a donation of $1000 or more, or a monthly donation of $200 or more, please send an email to so we can provide you with alternative donation options that could cut back significantly on third-party fees.

GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of their analysis. They produce a shortlist of evidence-backed, cost-effective giving opportunities. These donations will likely help support GiveWell’s operating costs.

Please note that this is not for donations to GiveWell’s recommended charities. 

​Donations can be made​ to GiveWell’s top charities through the Global Health Fund or Human Empowerment Fund. Alternatively, you can donate to a specific recommended charity.

All dollar and gift amounts on this donation page are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Money raised for GiveWell - Operations through RC Forward

*Please note that this is not for donations to GiveWell’s top charities. Give donations to GiveWell’s top charities through the Global Health Fund or Human Empowerment Fund. Alternatively, you can donate to a specific recommended charity. This can all be done at 

Unlike charity evaluators that focus solely on financials, assessing administrative or fundraising costs, GiveWell conducts in-depth research aiming to determine how much good a given program accomplishes (in terms of deaths averted, lives improved, etc.) per dollar spent. Rather than trying to rate as many charities as possible, GiveWell focuses on the few charities that stand out most in order to find and confidently recommend high-impact giving opportunities. 

The top charities GiveWell recommends to donors are characterized by their strong evidence of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, room for more funding, and transparency. GiveWell aims to direct as much funding as possible to these highly impactful giving opportunities and create a global, public, open conversation about how best to help people. 

Donations to GiveWell will likely support their operating expenses. GiveWell’s primary operating expenses are salaries for staff and administrative costs. In the long term, GiveWell seeks to have a funding model where donors who find their charity research useful in making their giving decisions contribute to the costs of creating it by supporting GiveWell’s operations, while also holding GiveWell accountable to providing high-quality, easy-to-use recommendations. Having a strong base of consistent support also allows GiveWell to make valuable hires when opportunities arise and to minimize staff time spent on fundraising for operating expenses. 

GiveWell retains an “excess assets policy” to ensure that if they fundraise for their own operations beyond a certain level, GiveWell will grant the excess to their recommended charities.