Donate with us on World Malaria Day 2023!

How It Works

This page explains how to use the RC Forward platform to support a high-impact fund or charity. It takes just a minute or two of your time to donate. 

We’re as eager as you are for impact, but please note that it takes more than a minute or two for your donation to reach the charity. Visit our Where Is My Donation? page to learn more and to track your donation’s progress.

1. Find the fund or charity you want to support

Visit the Donate page to see all the charities and funds that you can support. You can filter this page by cause area, and we update this page whenever we approve a charity for RC Forward. Click “Learn more” to open the donation page for a charity or fund.

2. Hit “Donate” on the fund or charity page

When you have decided, simply click “Donate” at the bottom of the fund or charity page to securely donate online by credit card or direct debit.

3. Complete the donation form

In October 2021 we launched new secure donation forms that offer you lower-fee donation options and more flexibility. Learn more here!

4. Receive your official donation receipt by email

Within 2 business days, we will send a receipt to the email address you provided in the donation form. Check out our calculator to estimate the value of your donation’s tax credits.

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Mission accomplished

That’s it! Thank you so much for choosing RC Forward for your high-impact giving.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small, nonprofit team, and it may take us several days to reply to your email. Before reaching out, we kindly ask that you first search our FAQ for the answer to your question. We regularly update our FAQ with answers to your common questions on payment methods, tax receipts, and more. Thank you so much! 

What is High-Impact Charity?

High-impact charity is about finding the most cost-effective solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Through careful, evidence-based reasoning, most individuals can have a much bigger impact on the world than they realize.

Finding Outstanding Opportunities to Do Good

Finding charities that make the biggest impact is no easy task. The biggest and most well-known charities aren’t always the most effective. A charity might be excellent at collecting donations, but poor in meeting objectives and making a meaningful impact.

Charity Evaluators

Identifying the most effective charities in the world requires hard data, rigorous analysis, and critical thinking. Fortunately, charity evaluators such as GiveWell, The Life You Can Save, Animal Charity Evaluators, and Founders Pledge have already identified effective charities and are continuously searching for more.