COVID-19 Giving Opportunities for Canadians

RC Forward is fortunate to be able to continue our work remotely when it seems like the world needs more help than ever. We are inspired by people and organizations out there doing amazing and impactful things to battle COVID-19. 

Our team is eager to help Canadians join the fight against this pandemic by providing several giving opportunities that, true to RC Forward’s mission, have been evaluated by experts as some of the most impactful ways of saving lives, flattening the curve, and preventing future pandemics.

Please note that given the urgency of this crisis, these giving options have not been as thoroughly vetted for impact as a number of our other partner charities, but represent our best guess at the highest-impact options currently out there.

For one-time donations over $1,000, or monthly donations over $200, contact us to cut down on credit card fees and maximize your impact.

1) Give to top organizations fighting COVID-19

The Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins (CHS)

CHS has been one of the most influential sources of information and analysis for helping inform policymakers’ response to the crisis, for instance by releasing influential situation reports at least once a day since January 22nd, 2020. Before the crisis, they already had a good track record of work on pandemic preparedness. 

The Combating COVID-19 Fund at the Gates Foundation

Research and development are essential during a pandemic to create the tools that will protect and save lives. Equally important are the policies and plans that help countries prepare for and manage through outbreaks. This fund advances work in four crucial areas: diagnostic tools, vaccine development, therapeutics acceleration, and protection of vulnerable communities. 

The Biosecurity Initiative at Stanford

A research center that carries out policy research and industry outreach to reduce the risk of natural and engineered pandemics. It has contributed world-leading research on emerging issues at the intersection of pandemic risk and biotechnology, and it aims to create a culture of safety and responsibility in the world of biotechnology research. 

The Center for Global Development (CGD)

If your goal is to help the global poor through this crisis, this option could be a good choice. CGD has a successful track record in advocating for policies to help the global poor, and has recently decided to focus on responding to COVID-19 in middle and low-income countries. They are developing policy advice for these countries, who are often unable to access the expertise they need from multilateral bodies like the G7 and the World Bank.

2) Support our partners’ COVID-19 initiatives

Development Media International (DMI)

DMI has received requests from several sub-Saharan African countries to support them in their public health messaging response to COVID-19. DMI plans to run evidence-based, high-intensity campaigns in its nine countries of operation to reach millions of people with potentially life-saving messages.

(International Relief)

GiveDirectly is delivering cash to families living in extreme poverty impacted by COVID-19. Many of these families will suddenly be unable to continue earning a living, and few will have the financial resources to weather the storm. Cash transfers can provide much-needed aid during this uncertain time.

(US Relief)

GiveDirectly is also delivering cash to low-income families hardest hit by COVID-19 in U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Seattle. Each household will receive $1,000. Your donation may be eligible for 1:1 matching, up to $500, via Double Up Drive. Contact us to learn more.

3) Support global health charities indirectly fighting COVID-19

Poor health and hygiene compound the impact of COVID-19. The World Health Organization recently urged countries to continue malaria services, as preventing comorbidities lessens the health impacts of COVID-19. Evidence Action has also emphasized the importance of their clean water initiatives during the pandemic.

We believe that supporting these global health charities during this crisis is an effective way to keep people healthy and prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed:

*Please note that 4% of donations to asterisked charities will be allocated towards RC Forward’s operational budget. 

Sources for recommendations