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Cause Area: Animal Welfare

New Harvest

New Harvest is laying the groundwork for the future of agriculture by reimagining the way we make animal products—using cells instead of animals.

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Sinergia Animal

Sinergia Animal is an international animal protection organization working in countries of the Global South to reduce the suffering of farmed animals and promote more compassionate food choices.

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Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals is a global non-profit that exists to end one of the greatest causes of suffering on the planet: the exploitation of animals for food.

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Faunalytics’ history shows a dedication to their mission to make you more powerful in creating change for animals, and they have a strong track record

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Wild Animal Initiative

Wild Animal Initiative strives to understand and improve the lives of wild animals. Because that will only be possible through sound science, it supports pioneering research into responsible ways to reduce animal suffering in the wild.

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