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Giving What We Can in Canada

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Giving What We Can is an international community of effective givers who are on a mission to make giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. They’re best known for The Giving What We Can Pledge to donate at least 10% of their income to highly effective charities.

Giving What We Can was founded in 2009 by two philosophers from Oxford University (Toby Ord and Will MacAskill), and is at the origins of the effective altruism movement. They have more than 7,000 members who’ve given over 250 million dollars and pledged over 3 billion to effective charities.

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Giving What We Can in Canada

Many of the Canadian members of Giving What We Can (including RC Forward staff) make their donations through RC Forward for several reasons:

  • RC Forward aims to make effective giving easy, through featuring high-impact charities and funds on our platform and by offering low-fee payment methods.
  • To choose which charities we feature on RC Forward, we rely on the research of GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, and Founders Pledge, which are among the evaluators that Giving What We Can also uses to determine charity recommendations.
  • Donors can support up to 6 charities or funds at once when giving through RC Forward.
  • Donations made through RC Forward are eligible for Canadian donation receipts, estimate the value of your credits with our calculator

Donating using Giving What We Can recommendations

Giving What We Can recommends charities and funds working on important global problems, across a range of causes. These causes include animal welfare, global health and development, and the long-term future.

Through RC Forward, you can make a tax-deductible donation from Canada to most of the charities and funds currently recommended by Giving What We Can in 2022. 

GWWC-Recommended CharityCause AreaDonate through RC Forward
FaunalyticsAnimal welfareSupport 
The Humane LeagueAnimal welfareSupport
Wild Animal InitiativeAnimal welfareSupport
Against Malaria FoundationGlobal health and developmentSupport
END Fund (deworming program)Global health and developmentSupport
Evidence Action (Deworm the World Initiative)Global health and developmentSupport
GiveDirectlyGlobal health and developmentSupport
Helen Keller International (VAS program) Global health and developmentSupport
Malaria Consortium (SMC only) Global health and developmentSupport
New IncentivesGlobal health and developmentSupport
SCI FoundationGlobal health and developmentSupport
Sightsavers (deworming only)Global health and developmentSupport
Carbon180Long-term futureSupport
Center for Human Compatible AILong-term futureNot available yet on RC Forward
GovAINot available yet on RC Forward
Clean Air Task ForceLong-term futureSupport
Johns Hopkins Center for Health SecurityLong-term futureContact us to support
Nuclear Threat Initiative (Biosecurity Program)Long-term futureContact us to support
TerraPraxisLong-term futureSupport

We’re here to help

Would you like to learn more about Giving What We Can? Have you taken The Giving What We Can Pledge and would you like to have contact with other Canadian effective givers? Do you have any other questions? Contact us to start the conversation.

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Megan Jamer

Megan Jamer

Megan lives in British Columbia and communicates for Rethink Charity's projects, including RC Forward. She likes trail running more than she dislikes it, and is interested in travel, copyediting, and effective altruism.

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